Pre-Blog Projects: Post #2

I think it’s high time I showed you guys some more of my finished projects from before I started this blog! Just like last time, I’m limiting this to garments I still actually wear at least occasionally. I have some dresses and a top to show you today! Let’s get right to it.

1. Orange Paisley Dress

I made this with quilting cotton that my mom had originally purchased to make a chair cushion out of. (Yes, I did ask her first if I could steal it to make a dress.) The bodice and skirt are both lined with some plain white cotton I had in my stash.

The pattern is Simplicity 5112, which is out of print now–here’s the Pattern Review page. I remember having to take in the back and side seams of this dress quite a bit, and I added the ruffle at the bottom to make it just a tad longer–originally it was just a couple inches shorter than I generally find is practical for everyday wear. :P I also added piping around the edges of the bodice and above the ruffle, to break up the busy print a little.

I actually still really like this dress, and wear it a lot–it’s super comfy, and cool on hot summer days since it’s all cotton. I also really appreciate that I can wear it pretty comfortably without a bra since the bodice is fully lined–no need to keep rearranging things throughout the day to make sure my bra isn’t showing!

2. Purple Knit Dress

This is Simplicity 3503, which you’ll be happy to know is still in print. The fabric is a remnant of jersey knit I found at Britex in San Francisco a couple years ago.

The only adjustment I made to the pattern was to raise the front and back neckline quite a bit (like, 1.5 inches). I was aiming to be able to wear this dress comfortably without a camisole underneath, but, as you can see, I didn’t quite achieve that goal. Next time I make this I’ll raise the neckline another inch or so, I think. Still, I think it turned out pretty well! (Also, I notice that the hem is doing a wear flip-to-the-outside thing in these photos–probably should have ironed the hem before taking pictures. Ah well. Forgive me.)

Also, you get two different photo backgrounds today–I’m still experimenting and trying to figure out the best set up for taking pictures of myself in my apartment!

3. Jeans Dress

I made this dress on a whim several years ago, out of three pairs of old jeans and some quilting cotton from my stash. I think I was inspired by something I saw on So, Zo…What Do You Know?, though I can’t find the exact post again to show you.

I used a Simplicity pattern for a basic strapless dress with princess seams as a guide for cutting out the panels (although I did a lot of adjusting to account for the fact that the flatfelled seam running down the center front, which is from the original pair of jeans the panel is cut from, is actually curved rather than perfectly straight, and slightly asymmetrical…), and made up the rest as I went along. I like the concept of this dress, but the construction is a little shoddy, and it turned out a bit too tight at the top of the bodice. One of these days I should see if I can let it out a little bit so it’s more wearable.

4. Parasol Top

This is Simplicity 0661, which is out of print–here’s the pattern envelope:

I don’t think I adjusted the pattern much at all, except to make the straps cross in the back so they would stay up on my shoulders more reliably.

Also, you get to see some of my hats in this photoshoot. Because, I like hats, and I am the boss lady around here. :P

And here are some detail shots of the trim I used, which was from my grandmother’s stash (so, definitely vintage–I have no idea how old it is, though). Isn’t it darling? I was so excited when I found it, because I think it goes perfectly with the parasol print on the fabric–don’t the little circles on the trim look just like the tops of little parasols?!

Oh, and lastly…look what came in the mail a few days ago!

Yay! This seems to be widely regarded as the bible of shirtmaking, and is certainly living up to its reputation so far. I’m about halfway through, and can’t wait to finish reading it and then actually start using my newfound shirtmaking knowledge. I’ll keep you posted on how that all goes.

It has detailed instructions for draping your own custom shirt pattern, which is awesome.

And it includes patterns for details like collars, cuffs, plackets, etc. Sweet.

Okay, that’s it for now! Catch you later.


2 thoughts on “Pre-Blog Projects: Post #2

  1. If you follow So Zo you must know about the Me Made Sewalongs. Maybe you’ll join us on the next one?? I hope so : ) If you want to why not join us for the Sew Weekly Sewalong? You can get details on my blog or message me on facebook and I’ll send you the link.

    • I would definitely like to do one of the future Me Made challenges! I thought about doing the most recent one, but decided I probably needed to build up a bigger collection of me-mades first, haha. Next time for sure! And I will definitely look into the Sew Weekly Sewalong. :)

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