Pre-Blog Projects: Post #1

While my next sewing project is in the works, I thought I’d show you guys some things I made before I started this blog! And maybe tell you a little bit more about me and how I got into sewing in the first place.

I’ve been sewing since middle school. I taught myself the basics by making myself a Lord of the Rings elf costume to wear to the opening of the movie of Return of the King (geeky enough for you?). I’m basically a self-taught seamstress, but I did learn some things from watching my mom sew (she made all my halloween costumes when I was a kid). I also worked and volunteered as a costume stitcher at various theatre companies in middle school and high school, and I learned a lot from those experiences too. Maybe at some point I’ll show you guys some of my favorite costumes I’ve made. :)

For now, though, we’re going to stick to every-day garments that I actually wear in my day-to-day life (at least occasionally). I thought we’d start with some skirts! Dresses to come next time.

(By the way–turns out it isn’t trivially easy to take good pictures of yourself with a self-timer. :P So please ignore/excuse the shortcomings of these photos!)

1. Blue Sequined Skirt

Made with the scraps from a costume I made (and wore!) in a musical in high school. The pattern is self-drafted (if you can even call it that–it’s basically just a bunch of rectangles gathered and sewn together) from a tutorial in Threads magazine. Super simple, but cute, I think. Mainly I just love the fabric.

2. Black Floral Skirt

Made from Simplicity 5005, which appears to be out of print, unfortunately–here’s the page. (Lots of copies are available on Etsy and eBay, though, if you’re interested.) Fabric from my local Joann’s. Fiber content a complete mystery. I really like the pattern, with those diagonal lines and pieces cut on the bias and asymmetrical hem. Looking at these photos kind of makes me want to sew up another version of this, actually!

3. Turquoise Linen Skirt

This is the most recent project of these three. Made from McCall’s M5431. I really liked this pattern and would recommend it–super quick and easy, but cute and flattering. And the hem band and pocket bands are a great way to showcase a pretty print. And it has pockets! The main fabric is something like linen–I’m not sure if it’s actual linen or not. I think it may have been labelled as “linen-look” at Joann’s, whatever that means. It definitely wrinkles like the real deal, though. :P

That’s all for now. Here’s a sneak preview of some fabric I bought yesterday for a project I’m planning, though. Pretty, no?


4 thoughts on “Pre-Blog Projects: Post #1

  1. I like the blue linen (“linen”) skirt! for the photos I’d recommend standing in front of a plain wall so it’s easier to see the details of the project. otherwise draping a sheet over something tall.

    The natural light works really well, though. Does your camera have a setting to take multiple timed photos? I find that useful for getting self portraits right.

    • Thanks Quin. :)

      Unfortunately there are basically no blank walls in my apartment–the bookshelf is as good as it gets. :P I’ll keep the sheet idea in mind, though! And yes, my camera can take multiple shots at a time when using the self-timer, and that does help! They aren’t spaced out at all, though, it’s pretty much 10 photos in quick succession. So it works okay, but it isn’t ideal. Ah well. One of these days I’ll get a fancy new camera, but that day is not this day, haha.

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